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Thanks for visiting and welcome to my webpage!

If you are looking for a distinctive touch for your next event; I have good news for you.

I, Karina Salazar, am a professional opera singer (soprano) who is committed to:

- Work with honesty and persistency in understanding what kind of entertainment  you are looking for and what will suit best to your event.
- Create never-to be-forgotten moments during your soiree.
- First class professionals and musicians performing at your gala.
- Last but not least: Guest praising during and after the fête (why are hiring musicians after all?).

Make sure your event is memorable and arrange your noncommittal appointment: 
info@karina-salazar.com § +41 76 307 9664.

I look forward to knowing you! I will be happy to assist and understand how I can help you to achieve a high-class event.


Karina Graciela Salazar

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