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Changing the mental wiring
I feel that this has just begun.
Healed by singing Chapter II
Healed by singing! Chapter I


Changing the mental wiring
Healed by singing
I feel that this has just begun!
Wedding services review
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Wedding services review - Sign up for updates

Hello Everyone!   It’s been a while since I last posted a blog. I have been busy studying and travelling.   Many of you know that I am also a wedding planner.   I will start very soon with a rally all over Switzerland, making reviews of wedding services, such as catering, bridal gowns, limousine service, etc.   If you want to receive my letters and blogs, please kindly let me know.   All the best and happy summer at last!!!!   Hugs,   Karina

Changing the mental wiring

We, entrepreneurs, are looking always for new ways to get people know what we do.
We try extremely hard and work far more than the average of employees.
Sometimes, we make the mistake of doing the same, for years and expect different results….
Maybe it is time to get rid of some all ideas of us, and renew the mind with new ways of doing things.
What are we going to do this month to get a different feedback from our stakeholders and customers?
Wish you all the best and a good week start !

I feel that this has just begun.

My partner surprised me with tickets for “The bar at Buena Vista Social Club” with the Grandfathers of Cuban Music. So we went yesterday to Maag Halle in Zurich to the concert.
Needless to say it was an amazing show. Why? Because the youngest singer must be about 65 and the oldest is 94 years old. They sang and danced like only Latin-Americans can do: Full of Passion!
I would like to talk about the 94 years old guy, Reynaldo Creagh
He survived all his compadres from Buena Vista Social Club and is one of a kind artist.

Healed by singing Chapter II

After reading my first post you may say: - Ok, it is cool but I cannot sing. Not only that, I cannot sing a single note of a piano! Don’t worry. The best singers are those who are willing to learn...and never give up before the first audio problem.   

Here my humble suggestions:   

- Try it in the shower. 
Yes, it seems silly but the acoustic is fantastic! I hear your voice telling me: -„I don’t know what to sing“. Ok here my answer: go and pick up your favourite CD. Listen to it many times.

Healed by singing! Chapter I

Scientists say singing boosts immune system. - Singing strengthens the immune system, according to research by scientists at the University of Frankfurt in Germany, published in the latest edition of the US Journal of Behavioral Medicine. The scientists tested the blood of people who sang in a professional choir in the city, before and after a 60 minute rehearsal of Mozart's Requiem.They found that concentrations of immunoglobin A - proteins in the immune system which function as antibodies - and hydrocortisone, an anti-stress hormone, increased significantly during the rehearsal.
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