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About Karina Salazar
Karina Graciela Salazar has enjoyed her youth playing trombone at a brass band and singing in the youth chorus at a local church in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She has studied Business Administration at the University of BA.
Karina moved to Lucerne, Switzerland in 1999.
In 2003 she started with private opera singing lessons. There, it was the key moment of her life. She discovered her dream and passion: Becoming an opera singer, a soprano.
She pursued her dream by taking intensive opera lessons in Switzerland.
During this period she gave many concerts in Lucerne and Buenos Aires.
On a later visit  to Buenos Aires in 2007, she auditioned to get a vacancy on a Master in Belcanto. Her teachers will be Maestros Lidia and Renato Sassola, former opera singers of one most beautiful opera houses in the world: Teatro Colón. Former students of Maestros Sassola among others were:  Marcelo Alvarez and Erwin Schrott.
End of 2007, she left her financial job in Zurich and moved to Buenos Aires. Among her studies, she managed to study Italian and took piano lessons.
In 2009 she finished her first opera " Queen Esther" in English, together with her friend and awarded conductor Javier Escobar.
They are looking forward to their première in 2014.
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